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 Rajesh wrote at 2013-10-18 3:11 am:
  All India Union.
Dear Union Leaders,
this is not the time to stay at home...plz wake up...before lok sabha election...
Har state ke leader's ko contact kro...meetings kro...chunavi agende mein mgnrega staff ko permanent krne ki baat kro...kuch toh kro...
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 Avikarsha Banerjee wrote at 2013-10-12 2:19 pm:
  future of mgnrega staffs...
Is there any bright future for mgnrega staffs???? Any update about regularization???
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 Aafak Gawhar wrote at 2013-10-07 5:22 am:
  just want to abt confermation
Hi , I have a question abt confirmation,, salary is not issue ,, I just want to knw can govt confirm us in perminent job or not if yes then when we ll confirm.... plzzz tell me soon,,,
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 KAUSHIK CHOUDHURY wrote at 2013-09-30 9:27 am:
  We need Regular
We have done our job more than a simple regular staff of govt. of Tripura. They why should we become contractual and they are regular????
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 Somnath Hanumant Surve wrote at 2013-09-25 5:13 am:
  parmanant karne babat
all nrega contractul employees me kam karnewale sabhi karmchriyoko pement badhao kiuki mahangai bhaut hai
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 GHULAM wrote at 2013-09-12 6:00 am:
  pay hike
I am GRS under mgnrega in j&k state and get just 4500 per month which is not enough to meet the need of daily life.Plz comment is there any posdibility of hike in salary or regularize the nrega staff.Thanks.
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 Malivad Nileshkumar Motibhai wrote at 2013-09-12 3:18 am:
  khanpur panchmahal mgnrega union
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 Krishna Pegu wrote at 2013-09-07 8:44 pm:
we all want regular mgnrega staff
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 alok wrote at 2013-09-03 3:27 am:
  alok view
nda sarkar do din ke liye prs bankar dekhe kya hota hai jamin pe aur kya nahi.kitne sare problem ko face karna padta hai
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 alok wrote at 2013-09-03 3:24 am:
  about us
nda sarkar nrega ko gart ki or bhejna chahti hai. inki mansha thik nahi hai nrega ke prati
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