WELCOME to mgnregaemployeeunion.hpage.com, This website is for Contractul Employees of MGNREGA from various states of india.


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 Kumar Sunar wrote at 2014-07-27 3:16 am:
Dear Friends,
I am Contractual Employees of MGNREGA under Harangajao ITDP Block,Dist:Dima Hasao ,Haflong.
So,our dreams is 1( one )and Honorable Chief Minister Modi said "ACHE DIN AANI WALI HAA" toi aayagaa.....
ist my No.9435792459.
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 Arpan Sharma wrote at 2014-07-26 10:02 am:
  technical xxxistant mgnrega
Hello evryone. Iam pleased to join this place where i can meet all the nrega employees lile me who wants their job to get regularise.lets all get one and make this possible.
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 Sreejith ps wrote at 2014-07-19 1:00 am:
  Best wishes!!!
sir, Is there any chance for regularisation of nrega employees in kerala.
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 Jack wrote at 2014-07-18 3:34 am:
  Pen Down
Pen Down Pen Down NREGA works for one month all over India. We have our right.
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 Tanveer Ahmad wrote at 2014-07-17 6:55 pm:
Raise your voice for justice
we want regularization
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 Tanveer Ahmad Pattan Baramulla J and k. wrote at 2014-07-17 6:48 pm:
  GRS kashmir
What is future of MGNREGA Employees
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 sk.jahangeer wrote at 2014-07-14 2:04 pm:
  mgnregs all empolyees one day strick national level
dear all nregs empolyees, one day straick all state level empolyees conduct dharna.nd memorandam to district level ministers. mpsnd mlas. parlament voice reqularization our jobs.
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 MD ISMAIL SK wrote at 2014-07-09 2:07 am:
  Gram Rojgar Sevak
hi friends, i am a additional gram rojgar sevk. i have nothing to say to all of you, but i want to see united all MG-NREGA employee in india.
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 Deepak saklani wrote at 2014-07-08 12:14 am:
  mgnrega employee
hello all works in mgnrega union
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 Balbir singh wrote at 2014-07-06 12:04 am:
hi i m technical xxxtant what is the future of mgnrega.unit every one doing something
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