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 Surinder sharma wrote at 2014-07-02 9:52 pm:
  permanent of nrega employee
Govt shuld consider the demands of nrega employe
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 surinder sharma wrote at 2014-07-02 9:49 pm:
  contractual nrega employee should perma ent
Sharma programme officer mgnrega

Every bdy has right to. Get the job
i hope so go vt take positive decision
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 SONAL wrote at 2014-07-01 12:20 am:
  What a site Boss!!!!
Hi, I am Technical xxxistant of Indas Development Block in West Bengal. It's very pleasure to see this type of site. thanking all of you.
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 PRATAP VIJAYSINH GHUTEPATIL wrote at 2014-06-24 12:28 pm:
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 aasif wrote at 2014-06-20 7:56 am:
  make Nrega page on Facebook
please make a nrega staff group on Facebook so that we all get united
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 BHASKAR wrote at 2014-06-04 7:28 am:
  Is the govt is going to regularise all the contractul employees in MGNREGS
Iam from Telangana State.

Is the govt is going to regularise all the contractul employees in MGNREGS.
I was completed my M.C.A
Iam working as a Computer Operator with remuneration 8,122/-.
Some time I thought , I want to just resign my job...
But there is some hope.. that it may regularize in few days...
That is way iam not going to resign.
Please tell me ...
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 iqbal wrote at 2014-05-21 9:57 pm:
  Computer xxxistant
it is to time for unite all nrega supporting staff

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 Syed Quadeer Ali wrote at 2014-05-21 3:47 am:
  What is the future of MGNREGS employees
Sir I have been since 8 year service as a computer xxxistant, kya future hain hamara regular hota kya.
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 Chandan Goswami wrote at 2014-05-15 2:16 am:
please mail me if you have any information about-
1) regularization of MGNREGS contractual staff.
2)consolidated Remuneration Amount in your state
3)activities of your union for regularization
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 Ravinder wrote at 2014-05-03 4:07 am:
Please tell me whats going on about regularization of MGNREGA Staff in your state and there is any regularization policy, please mail me on my e-Mail Id.
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